On Monday the 12th September at 8am a team of us turned up to Stirling freshers week where Stirling Free Church had a stall.

With a stall next to Nandos and round the corner from Dominos, who were giving out free pizzas, we weren’t sure how popular a church stall would be!img_5300

However we were pleasantly surprised at how popular our stall was and how open students were to being invited to church!

We had amazing conversations with students from all over the world, some in their first year and some who had been in Stirling for many years, and each and everyone one who stopped at our stall, even if it was just for the amazing free smoothie, we invited to church!img_5298


We were there till 4pm and, boy, were we tired!

But how excited were we  to come home to a message from one of the students asking if her and her friend could come along to our mid-week meeting! God is amazing!!

We hope to follow-up with a lot of the conversations we had at freshers week and hopefully we will be a home  away from home or many of Stirling universities students.