We are glad that you have found our website. Stirling Free Church acknowledge we are imperfect sinners seeking a holy God. Our aim is to bring glory to God by making him known in our community and throughout Scotland. We consider our church a rest stop for the weary and a safe place for the unconvinced.
We want to know Jesus, and we want others to know Jesus. And we must do what it takes to share what God has done for mankind. We can’t do this by removing ourselves from culture and society but by being the hands and feet of Jesus to our world. Getting our hands dirty. Being transparent. Testifying to our Saviour in both word and deed. Proclaiming the gospel to our friends, family, neighbours, and even to complete strangers.
We believe God created us from nothing, He saved us through sending his only Son, Jesus, to die for us, the One we call Lord. We hope you will take the time to browse our website and get to know us, and we would love to see you at a worship service.