Yesterday, Sunday the 29th, was an exciting and important day for us as a Church. On it we inducted two new elders to the congregation and ordained one new elder to the congregation, forming a Kirk Session from mainly our own members.


Since our inception we led by a core group until last year when we were constituted as a preaching station by the Free Church of Scotland and given a Kirk session of Assessor elders by the Glasgow presbytery, and Mr. Murdo Murchison as an elder from the congregation. Assessor elders are elders from other congregations who oversee us and assess when we are ready for our own elders. We are very thankful to our Assessors who have helped lead us for the last year, Rev Alasdair MacDonald and Mr. Cameron MacIver, and also our interim moderator Rev Colin Dow (Glasgow City Free church), and pray that God will continue to bless them in their lives and as they continue to guide us.


The induction and ordination took place just before the evening sermon; Rev Alasdair Macdonald of Dunblane Free Church presided over it. After announcing what was about to take place he affirmed that there had been no objections to the names that the Assessors had put forwards to the congregation several weeks ago. After calling down those chosen; Mr. Kenneth Ferguson, Mr. James Greer and Mr. Clive Bailey, he went through the formulas and questions that elders must subscribe to with all agreeing and affirming each one. Each man then signed the Formula and Alasdair prayed for them.

Left to right: Alasdair, James, Clive, Kenneth

This means that our Kirk session (leadership) is now made up mainly of elders from the congregation, with the exception of our Interim Moderator Rev Colin Dow of Glasgow city Free Church. Our Kirk session is then as follows; Rev Colin Dow (interim moderator), Mr. Murdo Murchison (Session Clerk Pro tem), Mr. Clive Bailey, Mr. Kenneth Ferguson, Mr. James Greer (Treasurer), Rev Alasdair Macdonald (Assessor), Mr. Cameron Maciver (Assessor).



We pray that God will grant them wisdom in the various decisions that they are presented with, that they will work well together and have a unity of thought and spirit, and that the congregation will see both spiritual and membership growth under them – essentially that God will be Glorified, and the Gospel and His Kingdom will be advanced.