This weekend past, was the weekend of the Free Church Youth Conference, Murdo Alasdair Murchison (Murdo Jnr) tells us below how it went:


“Back in November I booked my place at the annual Free Church Youth Conference, held at Lendrick Muir Scripture union conference centre, and a good job I did as it had sold out by January! This is the second time in a row that its 120 places have sold out.

So, glad that I had my place, on Friday I drove through to Lendrick Muir. I had a fantastic weekend! It is a great opportunity, to meet up with old Free Church Camp friends from across the country and to meet new people, everyone is incredibly welcoming and friendly.  After getting there at 7pm there is an introductory talk and worship at 8pm followed by free time to catch up with friends or make new ones.  I was up till 2am chatting with people, and having a laugh, the one downside to the Youth Conference is that you don’t get a lot of sleep throughout the weekend!

I didn’t make it to the 8am Saturday prayer meeting but luckily managed to get up in time for breakfast. We then had our first of the three talks along with worship. Our main speaker for the weekend was Rev Colin Macleod, of the Free North Church Inverness.  His topic was the patience of Job. All three of his talks were excellent – informative, challenging and biblical. We then were able to choose to go to two seminars from a variety of speakers that we could choose from. I went to ones on Church planting (By Rev Neil Macmillan) and The Problem of Pain (By Bon Accord’s youth and family worker Jesse Meekins) and both were excellent. There was also free time in the afternoon with various activities including inflatables.

In the evening we had worship and another talk by Colin, this was followed by a team quiz in which I’m afraid my team only came second. It was then bedtime but no one ever goes to bed!  Instead we stayed up till about 4am chatting and singing hymns and Psalms.  Sunday I managed to drag myself from bed to go to the morning prayer meeting and after breakfast was our final talk from Colin followed by another seminar that we could choose from. I went to an excellent seminar by Rev James Ross on the Holy Spirit. After a group photo and then a tidy up of the centre it is usual for everyone to go to a church service, the past few years it has been Knox Free Church, Perth.

I decided just to say my goodbyes and head through to our own service. I had a great and blessed weekend but was glad to get to my bed on Sunday night – it was a long weekend! Having been sold out the past couple of years next year there will be 40 extra spaces! So I would encourage anyone who can to come along, I’m sure that you won’t regret it!”


Youth Conference Group Photo – Taken by Blue Door Photography

We will put up a link to booking next years conference when the organizers make it available. Next year the topic will be “James Hearers & doers of the Word” by Rev Calum ‘Honda’ Macmillan on the 18th -16th of March 2016.